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Complaints Handling Procedure

The Construction Industry Council is dedicated to ensuring we deliver our services with utmost professionalism. We encourage our clients to give feedback on services rendered to enable us to improve the quality of our service.

The Council will investigate any complaints in confidence and act on them accordingly. The complaint can be either against the council directly or against a stakeholder of the Council, such as an employee, construction firm, contractor or professional body involved in construction.


The Standard Procedure for Handling Complaints is as follows:

1. Making an initial formal complaint
  1. A complainant can fill in an online complaint form or download it and deliver it to the Council offices.
  2. Complaints shall be brought to the Council within twenty four (24) months form the date on which the dispute arose.
  3. Complaints brought to the Council for investigation shall be supported by a sworn statement.
2. Receiving the complaint
  1. Each complaint will be logged into the official Complaints Register, forwarded to the relevant department.
  2. The register will record all action taken until eventual resolution.
  3. The Council shall forward for investigation, complaints to the Disciplinary and Conflict Resolutions Committee.
3. Resolving the Complaint
  1. In determining and investigating complaints brought to the Council the Disciplinary and Conflict Committee shall consider whether or not there are reasonable grounds to pursue the allegation.
  2. Where the Committee decides that the allegations contained in the complaint do not warrant a hearing, it shall not conduct a hearing but refer the matter back to the Council Board with findings.
  3. Where the Disciplinary and Conflict Resolutions Committee determined that there are reasonable grounds to pursue the allegations it shall conduct a hearing.
  4. The Committee shall within 21 days after the conclusion of the hearing submit to the Council Board a written report with recommendations and the Council board shall issue a ruling on the matter.
  5. A party found liable by the Committee may be called upon by the Council to pay the costs of the investigation.

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