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Register of Public Projects 2018/2019

NOTE: Errors and omissions excepted

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The full register of public projects for 2018/2019 is listed as follows:

Project Name Project Owner Project Contractor Project Value
Construction of a 700m overland coal conveyor Maloma Colliery Ltd Euro Engineering SZL9,173,353
Construction of market stalls in Mankayane Town Mankayane Town Board Ucezu Construction SZL308,787
Construction of a barrack for Infantry battalion at Mbuluzi Regional Military Training College Microprojects Programme J&E Construction SZL22,002,467
Construction of a shop at Lozitha resettlement Microprojects Programme Makhoba Investments (Pty) Ltd SZL1,906,916
Construction of Mkhomati low level crossing bridge Microprojects Programme Akuse Construction (Pty) Ltd SZL6,792,561
Construction of USDF Sewing factory at kaGcina Barracks Microprojects Programme Camdel Construction SZL18,309,948
Construction of Makhungutja-Ngoyiya Potable Water Supply & Sanitation Scheme Microprojects Programme Homeboyz Construction SZL3,714,771
Rehabilitation of Mafutseni Inkhundla Microprojects Programme Lilawu Construction SZL759,072
Rehabilitation of Lubulini Clinic Microprojects Programme Natcal Engineering (Pty) Ltd SZL982,464
Construction of Dwaleni Community Hall Microprojects Programme Siphosabo Construction SZL1,604,195
Construction of Ntfonjeni Water Supply Scheme Microprojects Programme Stefanutti Stocks Swaziland SZL22,965,796
Construction of one classroom at Nsingizini High School Microprojects Programme TM & T Investments SZL83,930
Rehabilitation of The Deaf Primary Boys Hostel Microprojects Programme Turbo-Way Construction SZL270,498
Construction of Manyisa Potable Water Supply Scheme Microprojects Programme Turbo-Way Construction SZL2,006,898
Maternity Ward at Dvokolwako Health Centre Ministry of Health, HIV/AIDS and TB Project J & E Construction SZL28,767,051
Refurbishment of 8No. Pool houses at Sandla (Package C) Ministry of Public Works & Transport Okumhlophe Investments SZL1,462,920
Construction of Mandomane River Crossing Ministry of Tinkhundla Administration & Development Encakini Investments (Pty) Ltd SZL2,612,278
Construction of Southern Distributor road extension through Springle Farm in Ngwane Park Municipal Council of Manzini Pots Construction SZL4,792,431
Construction of Delivery road, Pigg's Peak urban area Pigg's Peak Town Council Pots Construction SZL3,206,489
Upgrading of Msilima Road, Siteki Siteki Town Council Heptagon Company (Pty) Ltd SZL2,355,645
Refurbishment of Estel House SNPF Hancy Construction (Pty) Ltd SZL4,956,411
Construction of milk processing plant on plot 447 Matsapha Industrial Site Eswatini Dairy Board Construction Associates SZL61,010,594
Construction of Siteki Depot Eswatini Electricity Company FJ Building Construction SZL4,017,931
Staff houses at Mambane Clinic - Package HL3 Eswatini National Housing Board FJ Building Construction SZL2,132,411
Construction of Ezulwini sustainable water supply system Eswatini Water Services Corporation Esor Construction SZL86,322,923
Trelawney Park Phase 2 development of 36 one-bedroom flats Tibiyo Taka Ngwane Du-Van Developers SZL27,449,171
Refurbishment of Bank Flats Central Bank of Eswatini Simizu Construction SZL647,660
Upgrading of Mantenga Township Roads (Phase II & Phase II Part B) Ezulwini Municipality Roots Civils SZL6,264,012
Upgrading of Mkhaya road in Ezulwini Ezulwini Municipality Stefanutti Stocks SD SZL2,439,807
Installation of storm water pipes & walkways on Eposme Road Hlathikhulu Town Board Pots Construction SZL1,860,268
Rehabilitation of Titandini Road Phase 2 in Mankayane Mankayane Town Board Pots Construction SZL2,212,309
Construction of Malaria Research Centre at Siphofaneni Microprojects Programme L & T Investments SZL2,778,860
Rehabilitation of Shiselweni II Inkhundla Microprojects Programme Avex Construction SZL665,887
Rehabilitation of KaGcina Barracks kitchen, electrical & fire alarm installation Microprojects Programme Banner Investments SZL775,677
Construction of a clinic and semi-detached nurses staff house at Mzipha Microprojects Programme Camdel Construction SZL5,013,777
Renovation of Siteki Public Health Unit Microprojects Programme Coeng Consulting & Construction Engineers SZL7,315,105
Rehabilitation of Sandleni Inkhundla Microprojects Programme Emseleni (Pty) Ltd SZL852,214
Provision of skilled & unskilled labour - Luhlokohla High School Microprojects Programme HM&L Building Construction SZL216,282
Construction of Veterinary service office - Lubombo Region Microprojects Programme HM&L Building Construction SZL164,588
Rehabilitation of Sithobela Inkhundla Microprojects Programme M & Q Services SZL703,037
Rehabilitation of Manzini Police Station Microprojects Programme Nembeza Investment SZL2,052,405
Skills centre at Emvembili Microprojects Programme Nkulu Investments SZL781,694
Construction of four classrooms at Ndlaleni Primary School Microprojects Programme Nkulu Investments SZL417,949
Electrical installation - Nhlambeni Inkhundla Microprojects Programme Obtuse Electrical SZL109,671
Electrical installation - Mzipha Community Microprojects Programme Obtuse Electrical SZL1,375,285
Construction of Mpholonjeni Community Hall Microprojects Programme Owami Investments SZL570,680
Installation of computer labs at Peak Nazarene Microprojects Programme PHD Investments SZL170,778
Installation of computer at Lamawandla High School Microprojects Programme PHD Investments SZL128,480
Electrical installation proposed Renovation of Mbabane Inkhundla Microprojects Programme Pots Electrical SZL269,730
Electrical installation proposed Construction of computer lab at Sidvokodvo Nazarene High School Microprojects Programme Pots Electrical SZL260,869
Electrical and fire alarm installation - Renovation of Nkhaba Inkhundla Microprojects Programme Pots Electrical SZL125,558
Electrical installation - Construction of Lozitha Package G Microprojects Programme Pots Electrical SZL139,957
Electrical and fire alarm installation - Renovation of Mkhiweni Inkhundla Microprojects Programme Pots Electrical SZL127,029
Rehabilitation of storm damaged structures at St Juliana Primary School Microprojects Programme TM & T Investments SZL23,458
Construction of Umthombo Wemphilo Water Supply & Sanitation Scheme Microprojects Programme TZ Concrete Manufacturers SZL1,711,769
Rehabilitation of Nhlambeni Inkhundla Microprojects Programme Zikhandla Construction SZL574,832
Refurbishment of Gcina Army Barracks kitchen Microprojects Programme Zikhandla Construction SZL1,510,983
Construction of residential housing at Lozitha Package I Microprojects Programme ZMT Investments SZL1,391,617
Rehabilitation of works at CODEC / nhtc Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Trade Hancy Construction (Pty) Ltd SZL2,013,255
Construction of Fresh produce packhouses in Lavumisa, Nhlangano & Msahweni Ministry of Economic Planning Afrotim Construction (Pty) Ltd SZL21,921,805
Lavumisa Clinic (Clinic Type 2) Ministry of Health Afrotim Construction (Pty) Ltd SZL10,629,519
Electrical Installation in EPR Ambulance Bay at Phophonyane, Ntfonjeni Ministry of Health Pots Electrical SZL695,243
Supply and fit pipe shelving at Mbabane Government Hospital Ministry of Health Starwood Investment SZL19,000
Supply and Installation of Pre-furbished Mankayane Satellite Fire Station Ministry of Housing MAR & DAR Swazi GRC SZL2,610,693
Construction of Mhlambanyoni River Crossing Ministry of Public Works & Transport Avex Construction SZL2,610,693
Refurbishment of 8No. Pool houses at Sandla Ministry of Public Works & Transport Bandron the Handyman Investments (Pty) Ltd SZL1,392,420
Road marking of Hhelehhele-Big Bend road Ministry of Public Works & Transport Conti Networks Engineers SZL1,485,990
Construction of Mabhunwini River Crossing Ministry of Public Works & Transport Cosim Investments (Pty) Ltd SZL3,438,584
Road marking of Parliament road and auxiliary roads Ministry of Public Works & Transport Sicongo Investments SZL1,236,882
Rehabilitation of Ncoboza - Dobson Roads Phase II Municipal Council of Manzini Stefanutti Stocks Swaziland SZL10,027,554
Holding facility at5 Mbabane Market NAMBOARD Seno Construction SZL313,526
Holding facility at5 Manzini Market NAMBOARD Seno Construction SZL329,419
Construction of Kalanga, Siteki Technical Centre National Football Association of Eswatini Homeboyz Construction SZL10,283,814
Supply and installation of sputum booths NERCHA Natcal Engineering (Pty) Ltd SZL595,000
Upgrading of Extension 8 road Nhlangano Town Council Heptagon Civil Engineering SZL3,391,267
Construction of a guard house and paving of the Siteki Estate SEDCO Ice Nine Logistics SZL213,366
Refurbishment to Kang FA Knitwear SIPA Hancy Construction (Pty) Ltd SZL3,991,642
Construction of Madlangempisi depot staff houses Eswatini Electricity Company Mas & Sons Construction SZL1,890,136
Construction of Sithobela Depot staff houses Eswatini Electricity Company Valid Investments SZL2,159,231
Construction of Lundzi Clinic Staff Houses Eswatini National Housing Board Seno K Brothers Joint Venture SZL3,246,417
Construction of Mbabane-Ezulwini gravity mains pipeline -ICB Eswatini Water Services Corporation Icon (Pty) Ltd SZL91,378,001
Roads and drainage in Vuvulane Town Phase 2 Vuvulane Town Board Homeboyz Construction SZL3,891,568
Roads and drainage in Vuvulane Town Phase 2 Vuvulane Town Board Stefanutti Stocks SZL2,525,070
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