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The Construction Industry Council (CIC) registers all contractors involved in construction works, keeps and publishes a database of these contractors each financial year. Contractors are categorised and graded according to financial capability, works capability and available capital. It is mandatory for public sector clients to consult the Register of contractors and further demand the certificate of registration when considering construction works tenders. The CIC register of contractors facilitates public sector procurement and provides a platform for contractors’ development. The CIC registers Consultancy Practices involved in construction. The CIC registers all institutions that have a construction component within their functions.

CIC registers all public projects above E1 and all private projects above E1 million. The register of Projects gathers information on the nature, value and distribution of projects. When clients register projects, the track records of contractors are updated and the information is available to stakeholders through the CIC website. Public sector clients are required to register projects in line with issued directives from time to time. The CIC registers all Joint Venture initiatives.

How to Apply

Application forms must be completed in full and sent to the Construction Industry Council (CIC) together with all required supporting documents. All applications must be submitted on an approved registration form, which may be collected at any of our CIC Offices at Ligwalagwala House, J.SM Matsebula street, Queens gate Mbabane or downloaded from this website.

Follow the steps below when applying for registration at the CIC.

Contact details

All contact details must be provided. These details will be used in all correspondence with you after the grading has been granted. Ensure that details are updated should they change after the application has been lodged.

How long does it take to register?

The maximum turnaround time for registration or annual renewal is five (5) working days. Application forms that are not properly filled in and that do not have all the necessary supporting documents cause delays.

A guide to compliance

Always ensure that your supporting documents are not outdated or invalid. A certified copy must always have an original stamp and signature of the commissioner of oaths.

To enable the CIC to process applications timeously, please ensure that your application is accompanied by all documents required for the specific grade for which you are applying for and the correct particulars are provided.

How much must you pay for Registration?

Applications must be accompanied by proof of payment of administration fees (for all grades) as well as annual registration and or renewal fees.Upon renewal of the CIC certificate a contractor pays for the administration fee and renewal fee only. A contractor applying for more than one work discipline needs to pay the administration, annual registration and or renewal fees for each.

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