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E-Learning Training on Construction Contracts

In view of the mandate of the Council to provide Capacity Building within the Construction Industry and Enhancing Industry Promotion and Empowerment, a proposed e-learning training session on construction contracts has been put in place by the Council in collaboration with Induna Training Services – a South African based institution that provides self-paced online learning programmes enabling delegates to complete construction contracts training in their own time, avoiding lengthy absences from work. The course content and information for the e-learning courses are as follows:

1. Comparing Construction Contracts

Induna Online – Contract Comparisons Course Outline – Click here to Download the PDF document

The course compares the essential clauses in the four construction contracts.

It is separated into nine lessons covering the similarities and differences in the NEC3, JBCC, FIDIC and GCC 2015 contracts documents.

This course is accredited through CESA, the SACPCMP and the Association of Quantity Surveyors.On completion of the training, delegates will receive a certificate of completion.

2. FIDIC Module 1 Online

Induna Online – FIDIC Contracts Course Outline – Click here to Download the PDF document

This FIDIC E-Learning course is based on the FIDIC Module 1 course: A Practical Approach to FIDIC Contracts. This course concentrates on the FIDIC Red Book and FIDIC Yellow Book Contracts although mention is made of the other forms of contract which comprise the Rainbow Suite of Contracts.

In this interactive online training course participants will learn to choose the appropriate form of contract for different projects and the rights and obligations of the parties to the contract are dealt with.

It examines the roles of both the Employer and the Engineer and highlights the essential differences between the various contract documents. The responsibility for design is dealt with and a substantial amount of time is devoted to the issue of Extensions of Time, Variations and Certification. Dispute resolution under the FIDIC Contracts is highlighted and the issues of notices, claims and time bars are discussed in detail.

This course is accredited through CESA, the Association of Quantity Surveyors and pending the SACPCMP. On completion of the training, delegates will receive a certificate of completion.


MODULE: Cost per Course
Contract Comparisons R950.00
FIDIC Module 1 R1950.0

4. Workshop Training Sessions

Induna Training Services will come to Eswatini and provide up to 30 delegates an introductory session on how the training works and purpose of the course.Workshops will be held in Eswatini at appropriate venues.

5. Follow up Workshops

In order to provide delegates with direct access to facilitators, Induna Training Services, as part of its offering, will host workshops throughout the year. The costs for such workshops will be negotiated and agreed with the CIC Eswatini as and when required. The purpose of the workshops will be to provide clarity on issues that delegates may have on particular issues, clauses or sections in the programme. 

It will be a session with case studies and Questions and Answers. At present it is on a needs basis as it is dependent on numbers, however the number of workshops can be increased as the number of registrations increase.

The training is self-paced and we therefore cannot provide exact timelines to each person attending a workshop in relation to finishing the course. We do not anticipate that delegates should wait more than 3 months to attend a workshop. Workshops will be held in Eswatini at appropriate venues to be announce by the Council.

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